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Motoring offences legal advice

With so many of us reliant on being able to drive our cars for work, leisure and family commitments, the possibility of losing our licence as a result of a driving conviction is a serious worry and the advice of a motoring offence solicitor at George Ide LLP could make all the difference.

If you’ve committed a road traffic offence or received a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP), whatever the driving transgression, prompt professional advice and representation is offered by George Ide and we are able to defend both private motorists, and commercial drivers.

With motoring laws becoming ever more extensive and complicated, our straight-forward and sympathetic approach means all legal procedures will be carefully explained to you.

From failing to wear a seat belt through document offences, speeding, drink-driving, dangerous driving and a host of other charges, with George Ide’s combination of expertise, high standards and can-do attitude, you will have an efficient yet personal service throughout the legal proceedings.

We will consider allegations made against you and structure a defence for the best possible outcome in court and, if justified, follow up with an appeal or other action. Although we are based in Chichester, we are able to act for you anywhere in the UK.

At George Ide we understand your need to retain your driving licence and minimise the difficulties caused by an infringement of the law. We will seek to ensure all prosecution procedures are carried out correctly and that every aspect of a case is covered.

With George Ide at your side, you will always be in the driving seat.

To speak in confidence to a motoring offence solicitor at George Ide LLP, please call our offices. Alternatively, you can use the contact details featured in the profiles on the right hand side of this page.