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Professional negligence claim solicitors for wills-related litigation

Few documents, if any, are as important to a person’s life and legacy as a will. Wills solicitors are employed for very specific purposes, namely their specialist drafting skills and legal knowledge.

In the event you have sustained financial loss as a result of negligent wills or probate advice, George Ide’s expert team of litigators can help you make a professional negligence claim for full compensation.

Duty of care

A wills solicitor has a duty of care to both the person writing the will (the testator) and any potential beneficiaries.

There is plenty of case history to support both duties, although in the instance of the duty owed to beneficiaries it has taken important cases such as White v Jones and Ross v Caunters to clarify this duty.

Examples of negligence

Although individual cases are likely to have very particular circumstances, it is possible to provide a general list of the kinds of wills negligence that might lead to strong grounds for a professional negligence claim. Some of these include:















If you believe that any of the above might apply to your experience with your solicitor, contact our lawyers today.

West Sussex professional negligence solicitors

Our professional negligence solicitors can bring clarity and direction to help resolve uncertainty in a wills claim. We are committed to taking whatever steps are necessary to deliver the best possible outcome, although we always strive to ensure amicable and out-of-court settlement where possible.

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