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Factory accident claim in the South

The manufacturing sector comprises many different industries from car building to food canning and paper packaging manufacture to cement processing, with many of these trades revolving around large scale production facilities. When an avoidable accident occurs in the workplace, and an employee suffers personal injury, he or she may be able to make a factory accident claim.

George Ide’s specialist personal injury solicitors in Chichester can help you if you have been injured, or have become ill, as a direct consequence of working in the manufacturing industry.

Health and safety statistics for the manufacturing sector

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) there are approximately 2.8 million workers employed in manufacturing in the UK (2012).

From 2006 to 2011 the annual average number of workers who died as a result of accidents in the workplace was 31.

Each year, an average number of 4,500 reports were made to the HSE regarding accidents which caused major personal injuries and there were approximately 19,500 reports per year of work injuries which kept employees from working for three days or more.

People who work in the manufacturing sector are also prone to suffering ill health from exposure to harmful substances used or produced in the workplace, such as asbestos, silica dust and, even, harmful levels of noise.

Machine accidents in manufacturing

Almost all factories and processing plants use machinery to carry out the tasks necessary, however, these machines often have the capability to inflict serious injury upon workers.

There are a number of regulations in place to ensure that employers provide the safest working environment possible for their staff and if responsible persons within a company do not adhere to these regulations, when an employee is hurt in a factory accident, the firm will be held liable.

When a personal injury accident occurs in a factory, the HSE will usually mount an investigation into the circumstances to establish whether the incident could and should have been avoided. In most cases where the company is deemed at fault for an accident, the HSE will prosecute the company through the court system.

Make a factory accident claim with George Ide

George Ide’s personal injury team in Chichester can help you make a claim for compensation if you have been injured while working in a factory or other manufacturing workplace.

Whether you have suffered a machine-related accident which may have caused an amputation injury, or you have suffered a fall from height, or a slip or trip accident, if you have been injured at work and you were not to blame, we can help.

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