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Toxic chemicals and hazardous substances

Many workplaces contain or rely on hazardous or toxic substances which, if not properly managed, can lead to workers sustaining personal injury. As one of the leading personal injury solicitor firms in the region, George Ide LLP can help you claim full compensation in the event you have sustained injury or illness as a result of exposure to toxic chemicals or other hazardous substances.

Never profit before safety

All businesses exist to create profit to their owners. However, this aim for profit must never come at the expense of health and safety.

Environmental hazards in the workplace, whether they are from dust and fumes in the air, mould, carcinogenic benzene, metal-working fluids, or other substances such as glues, lubricants, gases, biological agents, solvents, or vapours have the potential to cause damage in a number of ways.

Sometimes problems can arise dermatologically, via skin contact, or respiratorily, through the inhalation of fumes. Other times damage may arise through the ingestion of a substance, ophthalmologically, by eye exposure, or through skin puncture or wound exposure.

Whatever the mode of exposure, the symptoms and damage caused can extend far beyond the original site. For example, respiratory exposure of some substances may damage not only the lungs but also other organs, such as the liver, brain, or heart. Profits, laziness, or corner-cutting should never be put before the priority of health and safety.

Under the COSHH

With this in mind, it is essential that employers provide workers with full training, risk assessment, and personal protective equipment. Furthermore, it is required by law that employers abide by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH). Any proof of breaches of these regulations may form the backbone of a personal injury solicitor’s case for compensation.

Ongoing management

A successful health and safety approach to hazardous substances and toxic chemicals requires ongoing management of the risks. This means regular monitoring of such things as “workplace exposure limits”, as well as health checks for conditions such as asthma and dermatitis.

George Ide LLP personal injury solicitors

George Ide is committed to providing claimants with the justice they deserve. This means both ensuring that liable employers are held to account for their failures and that insurance companies meet their obligations.

Our personal injury solicitors are leaders in their respective fields and can help you whether you are claiming for a work accident injury or an industrial disease caused by a toxic chemical or hazardous substance.

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