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Data shows the number of serious Sussex workplace accidents in 2013

People might contact personal injury solicitors in West Sussex after being harmed during a wide variety of situations, such as vehicle collisions, accidents on holiday, or through asbestos exposure.

However, accidents at work are perhaps one of the more common causes for taking legal action. Potentially having devastating consequences, these often require sufferers to temporarily leave their jobs or seek medical help in order to fully recover. In some cases, they can even prove fatal.

Although Britain’s record on workplace safety has dramatically improved over the last few decades, there is still a long way to go – as statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) demonstrate.

Workplace accidents in Sussex

According to the HSE, between the beginning of 2012 and end of 2013, 390 employees in the Sussex region sustained serious personal injuries while carrying out their jobs. Furthermore, in three cases, these workplace accidents resulted in the individual’s death.

Although nearly 400 people potentially sustained life-changing or debilitating injuries, these statistics actually reveal an improvement when compared with the previous year, where 486 individuals were seriously harmed in the workplace.

Despite this, a spokesperson for the HSE urged employers to implement further measures in order to help preserve the wellbeing of staff members, stating, “While the number of workplace deaths has decreased nationally, they have increased across the South East counties, and it serves as a stark reminder of why we need good health and safety in workplaces.

“I therefore urge employers to spend their time tackling the real dangers that workers face, and to stop worrying about trivial matters or pointless paperwork.”

Reading these statistics, it is easy to look at the numbers and forget that each one represents a person. In all of those cases, the sufferer – as well as their family – could have been prevented from fully enjoying Christmas or might have needed to put their lives on hold in order to fully recover.

This is why preventing accidents at work is so important. Hopefully, by implementing suitable measures, the HSE’s next lot of statistics will show further reductions in the number of serious workplace injuries and fatal incidents.

Claiming compensation for a workplace accident in Sussex

During 2013, Sussex employees were injured in incidents such as falls from height, workplace vehicle collisions, and accidents involving moving objects. However, if another person’s negligence was responsible for these events, those harmed might be entitled to claim compensation through George Ide LLP – a firm of specialist personal injury solicitors based in West Sussex.

Our team of lawyers are committed to helping those adversely affected pursue damages. For more information about how we might be able to help you, please get in touch with one of our personal injury specialists today.