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Traffic accidents abroad could result in car crash injury compensation

Suffering a traffic accident in the UK is bad enough. The incident itself can be traumatic, and those involved might also experience harm, require time off work to recover, and could feel stressed when pursuing car crash injury compensation. However, it is an unfortunate fact that vehicle collisions can also occur abroad – affecting tourists as well as potentially ruining their holidays.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), across the globe, approximately 1.24 million people lose their lives in traffic accidents annually, while countless individuals also sustain personal injury during these incidents.

The WHO is committed to reducing the amount of worldwide car crashes and believes many of these incidents could be prevented. Sadly, it appears that – due to other organisations neglecting the matter – the number of people killed in traffic accidents will increase to an estimated 1.9 million by the year 2020.

Avoiding a traffic accident abroad

In 2013, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office published information to help tourists avoid suffering traffic accidents abroad and to illustrate the scale of the problem. The body revealed that 1,901 individuals lost their lives in UK car crashes during 2011, yet, in Thailand within the same year, this figure stood at 9,205.

Aiming to help individuals stay safe on foreign roads as well as tell them about differing traffic laws, the campaign contained a substantial amount of useful information. However, other sources have published additional advice in order to cut the number of car crashes abroad.

As an example, when visiting developing or low-income nations, tourists might wish to:

Claiming for a traffic accident abroad

Although traffic accidents abroad are seemingly more common than in the UK, it is often possible to claim compensation for these collisions. Therefore, if you suffered a crash on holiday and believe you are entitled to receive damages, please get in touch with one of our traffic accident solicitors today.