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Fatal claims | Clinical negligence solicitor

When medical negligence has, tragically, led to loss of life it may be possible, in certain circumstances, to make a fatal accident claim for compensation. It is important to have the legal representation of an experienced clinical negligence solicitor who has a proven track record in handling these difficult and complex claims.

The loss of a family member will undoubtedly be traumatic and cause untold emotional stress, but if the deceased was the main, or only, earner in a household, the financial implications will be severe.

There are specific stipulations regarding who can claim damages for fatal accidents and what compensation may be payable. Here at George Ide we realise that though an award can obviously never turn the clock back and make things right, despite the terrible loss of a loved one, we can help you to secure your financial future.

Claiming after a clinical negligence fatality

Depending on individual circumstances it may be possible to claim some or all of the following:







A bereavement award and damages for loss of care and attention are recoverable only by a spouse of the deceased and a parent of a child who died before they reached 18.

Loss of dependency claims, and funeral expense claims, can be made by both the immediate relatives as mentioned above and by a person or persons who were in some way dependant, either financially or on services given by the deceased.

Fatal accident claims after clinical negligence with George Ide

George Ide’s clinical negligence team has considerable and specialist experience in the field of fatal accident claims.

Julian Bobak is head of Clinical Negligence. He is on the referral panel of Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA) and the Law Society/SRA Clinical Negligence referral panel. He was one of the first members of AvMA and has been acting for claimants in clinical negligence cases since 1982.

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