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Fatal accident claims | Solicitors at George Ide

When someone dear to you dies in an accident which was caused by some else’s negligence there is bound to be considerable traumatic and emotional stress. However, if the deceased had also been the main, or only, earner in the household the financial fallout from the accident will also soon begin to have an adverse affect on dependants.

When this is the case it will almost certainly be necessary to bring a fatal accident claim through a personal injury solicitor who has a proven track record of handling these difficult claims.

Employers, public organisations, local councils, shops and businesses should all have public liability insurance policies in place for such an eventuality and it will be the insurer who pays a compensation claim.

As the dependant of a person who has died in an avoidable accident, it is your right to seek financial redress for your suffering and financial loss. Although such an award obviously can never undo the emotional pain and distress caused by the loss of a loved one as a result of another person’s recklessness or negligence, you and your family need not suffer financially as well.

George Ide’s personal injury solicitors in Chichester can help
Legislation, in the form of two Acts of Parliament, sets out the stipulations for who can claim a bereavement award after the death of a husband, wife or parent of a child under the age of 18. It also sets out the parameters for the recovery of losses for dependency.

There are strict time limitations for the commencement of any legal proceedings and you should contact the personal injury team at George Ide as soon as possible after bereavement, especially if the death was caused by a personal injury which occurred some time before.

George Ide’s head of Personal Injury, Tony Goff, is a specialist in the field of fatal accident claims and has been highly praised in Chambers Legal Directory for his “professional, friendly and personal demeanour”. Tony will guide clients through all aspects of a claim after bereavement with sensitivity and realism. He will ensure, to the best of his abilities, that a family’s rights are fully upheld.

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