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Skiing is considered by many to be the pinnacle of all winter sports. However, skiing accidents do sometimes occur and if you have sustained a head injury in a skiing accident abroad or at home in the UK, it may be worth taking legal advice to consider your right to compensation.

Ski slope head injuries

Head injuries sustained on the slopes can range from the minor to the catastrophic. Furthermore, although some are immediately apparent, such as incidents in which the injured person is knocked unconscious and needs his or her airways clearing, in others bleeding and/or swelling of the brain may occur hours or days later.

Statistics show us that head and brain injuries account for up to 20 percent of all skiing injuries and snowboarding injuries. They are relatively rare but common enough to be of serious concern – around three in every 10,000 skiers and snowboarders is, on any given day, likely to suffer the kind of head injury that will require some form of medical attention.

Fortunately though, the majority of these incidents are likely to be minor, requiring no more than a few stitches. However, for every ten of these injuries, it is thought that around one will be serious enough to require hospitalisation and specialist brain injury care.

Types of accidents

There are three main types of accidents that cause head injury on the slopes.

The first of these is impact with the snow. This type of incident is most common among beginner skiers and those who are pushing the limits of their abilities. They are also a risk for any skier or snowboarder who attempts jumps and other airborne tricks.

Collisions are the second type of accident, whether with a tree, pylon or other skier. Bearing in mind that skiers frequently exceed speeds of 30mph, it is hardly surprising just how serious these collisions can be.

Finally, another common cause of head injury is accidents on ski lifts, particularly where the resort has swinging T-bar lifts or poma buttons.

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