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Increasing numbers of Britons could be sustaining injury while on holiday

When we travel abroad on holiday, we usually expect our excursions to be relaxing, enjoyable, and not to result in personal injury. Sadly, every year, numerous British tourists are harmed during accidents on holiday – and the number of sufferers appears to be increasing.

Published in 2012, statistics from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office showed in the 12 months leading up to that April, 3,739 UK tourists required hospital treatment while abroad. Moreover, the number of Britons hospitalised for serious injuries reportedly increased by nearly 10% in Egypt, Greece and Spain.

Although no-one expects to require hospital treatment while on holiday, the researchers stated that, on average, 70 British tourists were admitted to these premises every week and more than 30% of these individuals were travelling to Spanish destinations such as Ibiza and Majorca.

Consequently, as these locations are often associated with partying, clubs and an extravagant nightlife, it was suggested that many of the patients could have been responsible for their own injuries.

For example, the British Consul for the Balearic Islands at that time stated, “too many people put themselves in vulnerable situations”, adding that they may also be drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, taking drugs, or “making themselves incapable and not taking appropriate precautions”.

The British consulate’s opinions are certainty valid. However, not every injured British tourist is to blame for their own hospitalisation. In some cases, the negligence of a third party or tour operator could be responsible.

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