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Holiday accident claims for personal injury compensation

Suffering a personal injury on holiday is particularly unfortunate as a sprained ankle or cut finger can curtail certain activities which a holidaymaker might otherwise have enjoyed.

However, if an accident abroad leads the traveler to be hospitalised or even need medical repatriation due to catastrophic injuries or severe illness, costs can quickly mount up and although travel insurance will cover certain expenditure, it may also be necessary to contact a holiday claim solicitor, especially if the consequences of the accident are likely to effect your day-to-day life or your ability to work.

Claiming from a UK tour operator

If a holiday accident is deemed to have been caused by the negligence of the holiday company a holidaymaker traveled with and bought hotel and flight services from, then a claim will be made through UK civil courts and amounts for compensation will be standardised to UK levels.

Depending on the circumstances of the accident liability may well be disputed and in certain cases a tour operator’s legal team may seek to establish partial liability if they feel that another service provider is in some way at fault.

So, an accident which occurs on an excursion organised by a UK tour operator may not be seen as the full responsibility of the company, and the excursion service provider may be held either fully or partially responsible for any damages payable

Claiming for a holiday accident in Europe If a personal injury accident occurred within the European Union after 11 January 2009 any resulting personal injury claim for compensation will be heard using the law of the land in which the accident took place.

In November 2011, European Supreme Court judges hearing the holiday accident claim case of a British man severely injured in a car accident while in the south of France in 2007 confirmed that all new holiday accident claims would be subject to the European Union Regulation Rome II.

The regulation aims to minimise cross-border legal differences and unify an approach to accident claims.

However, British citizens may find that the compensation amounts awarded under individual European laws are significantly lower than would be deemed sufficient under UK personal injury law.

Accident abroad? George Ide solicitors can help

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