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Supermarket accident compensation in West Sussex

If you have been injured while out shopping for groceries, the team at George Ide LLP can help. Over the years there have been a number of well-documented claims for supermarket accident compensation following personal injury accidents which could have been avoided.

When you, as a member of the public, are in a commercial premises the owners and managers of that building have a duty to keep you from foreseeable harm.

By law, those who are responsible for maintaining the fabric of a building, and running the activities which occur inside the supermarket, must have public liability insurance to ensure that anyone who suffers illness or injury as a result of on-site negligence can receive compensation for their losses.

Making a claim for accident compensation

Of course, we are all responsible for our own safety to a certain extent, so, if a customer was just not looking where they were going and bumped into otherwise non-hazardous shelving as a result, it is unlikely that they would have reasonable grounds for any resultant personal injuries.

However, if the customer was searching the shelves for appropriate goods and tripped over a pile of packaging which had been left in the middle of a supermarket shopping aisle, this would be a different matter as the customer would not have been able to reasonably foresee that a trip hazard would be in their path.

It is quite common for people to suffer slip and trip accidents in supermarkets, and in many cases their injuries are fairly minor. However, where a fall causes a customer to suffer life-altering injury such as brain damage or spinal cord injury, the importance of being able to make a claim for supermarket accident compensation cannot be underestimated.

George Ide’s personal injury solicitors can help

If you have suffered an injury while out shopping, whether you were in a supermarket, department store, small corner shop, or any retail or services outlet, the team at George Ide can help.

Firstly, we will listen to the circumstances of your accident and the details of the injuries and losses you have suffered. Then we will be able to advise you of whether your claim has merit and the likely sums of compensation you might receive.

We will explain the entire procedure for making a supermarket accident claim, or indeed a claim against any retail business, and offer our professional opinion of the likelihood of success in your claim.

If you feel you do not wish to proceed, there will be absolutely no obligation to go ahead. If you do wish to make a claim, we will quickly and efficiently put all systems in place to make a claim against the party or parties culpable for your losses.

At George Ide, we pride ourselves on our high levels of efficiency and communication with our clients. We will explain all issues relating to funding of a claim, in many cases this can be arranged under a conditional fee agreement which means there is no cost for the client, and ensure that you are happy to proceed.

We will keep you regularly informed of progress with the claim and if you ever have any queries about what is happening, we will be here to answer your questions as quickly and clearly as possible.

If you wish to make an enquiry about claiming compensation following a supermarket accident, why not call George Ide today. We are here to help.