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Farming and agriculture industries tractor accidents

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) say that between 40 and 50 workers are killed in the UK’s agricultural industries every year. This is a higher rate than in construction or manufacturing and equates to almost one fatality a week.

Farmers and agricultural workers must use large machinery for their work and heavy vehicles are commonplace within the sector. To prevent a tractor accident, which could cause severe personal injury, all workers must be fully trained and adhere to safety procedures specific to tractor use.

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HSE guidance to avoid tractor accidents

The HSE has produced a downloadable leaflet entitled Tractor Action which is a step-by-step guide for the safe use of tractors and includes information for farmers as well as those working in the forestry, horticulture, amenity horticulture and sports turf industries.

The guide states that around ten people die each year in accidents involving tractors and that major injuries including amputations, fractures and crush injuries are also commonplace.

Most of these accidents and the subsequent personal injuries are preventable, and the guide’s simple, yet essential, safety advice, if enacted, has the potential to save lives every year.

The tractor safety guidance detailed in the Tractor Action leaflet falls into nine sections:



















The guide also contains a useful section on where to get further information and is essential reading for anyone charged with operating or working near tractors.

Farm accident claims with George Ide

Here at George Ide our team of personal injury solicitors is committed to ensuring that clients who have been involved in a personal injury accident caused by the negligence of others should receive full compensation and access to all available assistance, including rehabilitation therapies and treatment, and full advisory and counselling help to help them achieve the best recovery possible.

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