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Amputation compensation case solicitors

Losing a limb is a traumatic event for anyone. The impact, of course, is physically, emotionally, and practically long term. A person who experiences loss of a limb may need to retrain in order to develop a new career or might need to make provisions for adaptive living, prostheses, or rehabilitation.

At George Ide LLP in Sussex, our amputation compensation case specialists can help you meet these challenges, ensuring the maximum possible settlement for your needs.

What George Ide LLP bring to the table

As one of the leading full-service and personal injury legal firms in the South, George Ide brings authority and experience to every claim.

We have many decades of pedigree when it comes to obtaining full settlement in amputation compensation cases and work to ensure these funds reflect the full impact of your injury.

As well as looking to the immediate future and the need for sums for rehabilitation, housing costs, and other short-term necessities, we also work hard to ensure that the long-term picture is also looked after, for both you and your family.

Our knowledge extends to providing advice and assistance in the provision of rehabilitation, practical support, and the sourcing of the best possible equipment. We understand that the ultimate goal of any amputation compensation case should be helping the client obtain an independent lifestyle. The only way this can be done is by obtaining the best possible therapy, equipment and, if necessary, adaptations to the home environment.

George Ide LLP amputation compensation claims

George Ide LLP’s amputation compensation case solicitors are based in Lion House Chichester and act for clients all over Sussex, Hampshire, and the South of England.

We have acted for clients who have lost limbs in workplace accidents, car crashes, holiday accidents, as well as other circumstances. We also have specialist knowledge of high-value cases.

For more information about how we might be able to help you, please contact us today.