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George Ide LLP | Catastrophic head injury claims

George Ide LLP is widely recognised as one of the leading catastrophic injury claim specialists in the south of England with a proven track record, having successfully represented several hundred such claimants in the recent past.

If you or a close family member has suffered a traumatic injury in an accident and you would like to look into the possibility of claiming compensation, contact our team for advice and information about securing a successful outcome.

Traumatic head injury

Traumatic head injury can occur in many different settings, including car crashes, motorcycle accidents, workplace incidents and falls from height.

According to the Medical Disability Society Working Party Report on the Management of Traumatic Brain Injury, a traumatic head injury is defined as one “caused by trauma to the head (including the effects upon the brain of other possible complications of injury, notably hypoxemia and hypotension, and intracerebral haematoma).”

As such, although the initial effects of a head injury may often be external, a chain of events set off by the impact or force applied to the head may lead to a deeper and more complex injury occurring.

For example, a person who has suffered a traumatic blow to the head may at first be only confused or disorientated – however, the injury may quickly become more severe and result in loss of consciousness or a prolonged period of disorientation.

Sometimes people may lose consciousness for a period of several hours or days. Occasionally people may remain unconscious for weeks or months.

Catastrophic injury claims – care and support

At George Ide LLP although we make it our priority to secure maximum compensation for our clients’ catastrophic injury claims, we also look to bring benefit to treatments, therapies and funding arrangements.

Our independent health-care trained case managers assess the level of a client’s rehabilitation needs to enable our personal injury solicitors to make appropriate arrangements with insurers

Furthermore, our range of assistance extends to ensuring private rehabilitation treatments, physiotherapist fees, gym memberships and transport arrangements, are funded where necessary.

For more information please contact our specialist team in Chichester over the phone or via email using the direct contact details provided in the staff profiles featured on this page.