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Bicycle accident claim solicitors

Our personal injury department is widely and highly regarded as specialising in all aspects of personal injury claims, in particular cycling claims. For over 25 years we have specialised the victims of cycling accidents with their claims for whiplash and some tissue injuries, fractures and other orthopedic injuries, spinal injuries and injuries to the head and brain. Our offices each have a Lexcel accreditation for quality control, demonstrating a commitment to high levels of customer service. Chambers and Partners, the leading legal directory, refers to us as “one of the leading firms in this part of the South East”.

We concentrate on claimant work only, ensuring a focus on what is best for you. Much of our work is of a high value and profile, and we have been involved in many settlements exceeding £1,000,000. The firm was a founder member of the Motor Accident Solicitors’ Society, and members of department are Law Society Personal Injury Panel members, Association of Personal Injury Lawyers accredited Senior Litigator, and a Fellow of the College of Personal Injury Lawyers. We are also proud to be associated with the brain injury charity, Headway.

Our support for clients does not end when the claim settles. Through our Trusts and Wealth Management departments we ensure a continuity of care and support post settlement.

Sadly, each year, many thousands of people are injured as a result of cycling accidents caused through the negligence of others, invariably other road users. In many cases expert treatment and rehabilitation will be required to help them to return their lives to some semblance of normality.

We have access to some of the best treatment and rehabilitation resources available in the UK, including:

In addition, we can assist with:

Our commitment to you

Below are some recent case studies involving cases we have handled on behalf of injured cyclists;


AB, a cyclist who was knocked of his bicycle at speed by a car which pulled out without looking.  He sustained an incomplete spinal injury plus a subtle brain injury.  He was able to live and function independently, with some support.  Liability was eventually admitted 100%.  The case was settled at a round table meeting without the need for court proceedings. He was awarded £1 million.  We were able to secure many substantial interim payments as the case progressed to provide for rehabilitation, new car, professional support (case manager and support worker), therapies and equipment.  This helped AB to achieve a good outcome with a very positive outlook on life and he benefited greatly from the support we were able to offer throughout the process.


CD, a cyclist knocked off his bicycle by a white van driver as he had right of way around a roundabout.  CD had no recollection of the accident because of a blow to his head.  The van’s insurer denied liability throughout.  Independent witness gave unhelpful, conflicting evidence.  However the investigating Police officer gave vital evidence which allowed liability to be established 100%.  CD sustained a serious shoulder injury but one from which he thankfully recovered reasonably well albeit with the potential for some future deterioration which the award took account of.  He made a good recovery and was able to live and work essentially normally.  We were able to obtain an interim payment as the claim progressed.  We were able to secure an award for £75,000 without the need for court proceedings.


EF was knocked from his bicycle as he had right of way at a roundabout.  Liability was eventually admitted after considerable pressure was exerted on the insurance company.  He sustained a minor head injury plus a hand injury.  We carefully investigated if he might have future problems at work and activities around his home.  He achieved a good outcome and had no significant ongoing problems.  We obtained an interim payment and the case was settled, before the issue of court proceedings, for £27,500.

Our team of personal injury solicitors cover London, Sussex and Hampshire, including Chichester, Brighton, Portsmouth, Southampton, so contact us now to make a claim.