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Bicycle injury compensation for accidents caused by drivers

Unfortunately, in Britain, whether it is Chichester, Havant, Brighton, London or a smaller town such as Midhurst or Emsworth, there is little in the way of a safe, reliable, and efficient cycling safety infrastructure. As such, it is little wonder that so many cyclists each year are left with no choice but to seek bicycle injury compensation.

Serious investment in such an infrastructure could greatly reduce the harm caused by reckless and careless driving, whether it is perpetrated by car, lorry, bus, or taxi drivers.

The evidence for this is not up for debate – the experience of cycling-friendly nations such as Denmark and the Netherlands is clear for all to see.

What is interesting is that in the these countries it is not sophisticated technologies or particularly innovative investments that lead to improvements in cycling safety and cycling participation, it is simple, although radical, changes in road design.

For example, both Denmark and Holland have largely segregated cycling lanes with roundabouts and junctions that are specially designed to protect cyclists, with other aspects of the system further keeping cyclists protected from the dangers caused by reckless and careless driving.

Not only do such changes lead to a reduction in the rate of bicycle injury compensation claims, they also lead to a drastic increase in the number of people who choose cycling. Whereas statistics show us that only 2% of journeys in the UK are undertaken by bike, in the Netherlands this number is around 20%, and many believe that more accurate figures might reveal an even starker difference.

Bicycle injury compensation claims

Cycling can be risky but according to statistics in most areas of the UK it is actually safer than walking. Furthermore, any car accident risk associated with cycling should be looked at in balance – driving around in a car brings its own health risks, particularly for those who already live sedentary lifestyles.

Cyclists should not feel like second class road users. They are less risk to others and bring wider health benefits to society and the environment.

If you have sustained injury while cycling on Britain’s roads, you have every right to pursue a bicycle injury compensation claim.

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