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Discussion regarding fraudulent whiplash claims

12th July 2013

The Committee aimed to find out the level of fraudulent whiplash claims being made, the number which result in prosecution through a road traffic accident solicitor, and how these fraudulent claims could be reduced.

When asked about the level of fraud in whiplash claims following car accidents, the representative for the Association of British Insurers (ABI) stated that the figure was currently at 7%. However, despite other company representatives disagreeing with the figure, they did not provide another for consideration.

The ABI also offered a figure regarding the number of claims being made due to whiplash. The organisation stated that since 2004, 78% of all the UK’s personal injury claims were whiplash cases. In comparison, the rest of Europe’s whiplash compensation claims account for only 48% of their total number of injury claims.

The chief of the Law Society, who was also present at the session, believed that to reduce the number of these fraudulent cases, car insurers should provide road traffic accident solicitors with more information. Furthermore, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers condemned the insurance industry’s practice of offering injured parties compensation, without having first asked for a full medical report.

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