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Dangerous crossing could cause accident

06th September 2013

Apparently the lines on the crossing have become faded, and there is a bus stop obstructing the view of the crossing for drivers as well as preventing pedestrians from noticing approaching traffic.

The owner of a dolls shop on the road states, “Nearly every day I see people almost getting run over and I know there’s going to be an accident.”

She explains that she phoned the council about the dangerous crossing around February this year, but then snowy conditions prevented anyone from the council from coming to look at the crossing. Reportedly this visit has not been rearranged.

Business owners are particularly worried about a collision occurring, since there are many elderly people and school children using the crossing every day of the week.

Anyone who suffers a car accident due to the negligence of another individual, organisation, or company, might be able to claim compensation with help from a personal injury solicitor.

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