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Double yellow line plan might be scrapped

13th September 2013

The aim was to generally make these areas a safer place to drive, and reduce road traffic accident numbers as a result. However, during the public consultation, two letters objecting to the plans were received by West Sussex County Council.

Furthermore, a new county councillor representing the Chichester East division was elected after the consultation, and he believes that there is not much need for the double yellow lines to be painted.

He states that road traffic accident statistics for those areas show that they are not high risk places to drive, and there was not much support for the proposal.

Potentially, if these lines are not painted, and someone is involved in a car accident due to a motorist parking in an unsafe place in one of those areas, they might be able to claim compensation against West Sussex County Council, as well as the liable driver, with help from local personal injury solicitors George Ide.

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