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West Sussex’s unclassified roads might be resurfaced

06th December 2013

The proposal involves spending millions of pounds over the next two years undertaking work on roads which have largely been neglected despite their poor state.

Locals have complained about the condition of the road surfaces in many areas of the county, and the Council believes that resurfacing with higher quality materials would prevent the need for further expensive repairs for a considerable amount of time.

Pieter Montyn, cabinet member for highways and transport, says, “We cannot give an exact figure at this stage, but our findings suggest if we invest heavily now in upgrading road surfaces, it will be cheaper in the long run to maintain them and stop them deteriorating.”

A statement about the possible road resurfacing is expected to be made at the next full council meeting on the 13th December.

Not only would this work reduce the discomfort experienced by people driving on these highways, it would also reduce the damage sustained by vehicles travelling over rough surfaces, as well as lower the number of road traffic accidents.

Furthermore, since anyone who suffers personal injuries in a car accident caused by the poorly maintained condition of a road could be eligible to claim compensation from the authority in charge of its repair, West Sussex County Council might avoid having cases brought against it by undertaking this project.

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