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Falls from height remain the leading cause of accident at work deaths in the UK. Each year in the UK, there are typically more than 20 such deaths and several thousand serious personal injuries, with many more suffering more minor injuries.

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We are all entitled to a safe environment in which to work in. If failings on the part of your employer have, at least in part, led to you sustaining injury in a workplace accident you may be entitled to claim compensation.

George Ide LLP has one of the leading personal injury teams in the South. If you are in Chichester, Bognor Regis, West Sussex or Hampshire, or further afield in England for that matter, we can help you claim the maximum amount of compensation appropriate to your circumstances.

Ladder accidents

Around 33% of all fall from height accidents at work involve workers falling from ladders or stepladders.

Each year around 15 people die in such incidents with well over a thousand more sustaining personal injury and, not infrequently, life-changing head or spinal injury.

It is a sad truth that many of these accidents could be prevented with employers taking simple steps to ensure adequate worker training and safe, well-maintained equipment.

The Work at Height Regulations

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 is the primary set of regulations designed to reduce the rate of injuries and deaths in the workplace caused by falls from height.

All employers are obliged to follow the guidelines, whether in construction, scaffolding, window cleaning, factory-based industry or indeed office work.

Claim compensation for injuries sustained in an accident at work

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