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Making a car accident claim against a drunk driver

There are several strict penalties associated with drink driving – and any related offences, such as failing to provide a specimen of breath – including a criminal record, a maximum fine of £5,000, and being prohibited from getting behind the wheel for at least 12 months.

As well as these, those caught driving over the legal limit – where for every 100ml of blood, a motorist has 80mg of alcohol in their system – might experience other effects, such as an increase in their car insurance premiums or being dismissed from their jobs. However, despite these consequences, many individuals still get behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol.

For example, it has been estimated that drink drivers caused 6,680 traffic accidents during 2012. Although this was a slight reduction in comparison to figures from the previous year, it has been reported that approximately 290 people lost their lives in these collisions while 1,210 sustained serious personal injury.

Why drink driving is dangerous

Despite a survey published in 2013 suggesting that 93% of road users do not believe it is acceptable to get behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents claims that approximately 100,000 motorists are found guilty of this offence annually.

However, it seems the majority of individuals still understand how dangerous drink driving can be, potentially preventing motorists from:

Although motorists will only be found guilty of drink driving if they are caught travelling while over the legal blood-alcohol limit, any amount of alcohol in their system could seriously prevent individuals from adequately controlling their cars. Therefore, if a person is planning to get behind the wheel, they should completely abstain from drinking beforehand. Otherwise, they could be found liable in the event of a road traffic accident.

Claiming compensation for an accident caused by a drunk driver

If you were harmed during a collision which was caused by a drunk driver, you might be able to receive damages through one of our specialist car accident solicitors.

As well as providing funds to improve your quality of life, any compensation awarded could also recover fees such as rehabilitation costs, healthcare bills, and lost earnings.

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