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George Ide LLP | Whiplash injury claims

George Ide LLP’s personal injury solicitors can help you make a whiplash injury claim in the event that you have suffered a neck injury in circumstances attributable to the negligence or actions of another party – this can be done whether you were a driver or passenger at the time of the incident.

What is whiplash?

Whiplash is a very complex injury first noticed as a medical problem in the 1840s as a result of minor train shunts. Initially it was known as railway spine and this was the forerunner of the personal injury now known as whiplash.

According to the world-leading authority on the injury, the Quebec Task Force, whiplash occurs as a consequence of “acceleration-deceleration mechanism of energy transfer to the neck. It may result from rear end, side-impact and frontal vehicle collision, but can also occur during diving or other mishaps. The impact may result in bony or soft tissue injuries (whiplash injury), which in turn may lead to a variety of clinical manifestations.”

Grades of whiplash and whiplash associated disorder

Furthermore, the Task Force provides an authoritative diagnostic scale for whiplash and whiplash associated disorders, which remains highly relevant to the whiplash injury claim:









Non-road accident whiplash injury claims

Although the majority of whiplash injury claims occur because of road traffic accidents, there are many other circumstances where a sudden jolt or decelerating force to the head or body may cause the neck injury.

These include slip, trip and fall accidents and sports injuries, and George Ide may be able to assist with claims relating to these as well.

Whiplash injury claims with George Ide

If you have suffered injury in a car accident and believe that you may be entitled to compensation, George Ide LLP can help you make a whiplash injury claim.

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