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Looking to the future after a motorbike accident claim

After a motor cyclist has been involved in a road traffic accident it can often take some time to establish the extent to which the riders’ life will be altered as injuries sustained by motorbike riders can often be severe.

It may seem obvious, but motorbike accident claims are often made by people who have suffered the most serious injuries and, in many cases, their lives, and the lives of their family, will have been irreversibly changed.

At George Ide we believe that, although the ultimate conclusion of a motorbike accident claim, may take several years, it is our professional duty to ensure that anyone who has suffered personal injuries in an accident which was not their fault should get the best treatment possible, as soon as possible.

Motorbike accident claimants typically suffer broken bones, brachial plexus injuries, spinal damage and skin wounds, to name just a few, and these often take a long time to heal properly. Such injuries may make it difficult to return to work for many months and in many cases it may be impossible to carry on in the same role.

In such circumstances, the independent case managers who work alongside George Ide’s team of personal injury solicitors, can help negotiate with employers and insurers to ensure that the claimant is not, as far as possible, disadvantaged as a result of his or her injuries and that, where applicable, re-training can be funded and/or return-to-work programmes can be instigated to ensure a smooth return to the workplace.

Where a claimant cannot go back to the same line of work as would have been done prior to the motorbike accident, the team at George Ide will do its best to help our client seek alternative training for a new vocation or career wherever possible.

Ultimately, where a claimant is unable to return to work, George Ide has fostered links with specialists who can ensure our clients get the best help possible in seeking benefits and state entitlements, as well as seeking maximum compensation from the insurers of the person deemed at fault in the accident.

Motorbike accident claim specialists at George Ide
Our dedicated accident claim specialists have many years’ experience in representing motorcyclists who have suffered severe personal injuries.

Our particular expertise lies in brain injury and spinal injury claims and we take pride in having handled many complex cases which we have brought to very successful conclusions for our clients.

We believe that communication with our clients and their health care team is vitally important to enable us to effectively negotiate with insurers and, although we believe strongly that negotiation is key, we will use robust litigious representation wherever necessary to uphold our clients’ best interests.

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Alternatively, to make an initial enquiry about making a motorbike accident claim, please call our dedicated personal injury department at Lion House, Chichester on 01243 786 668.