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Motorcycle accident claim solicitors

For many people, the only way to travel on UK roads is to get on two wheels and go. Motorcycle enthusiasts love the exhilaration of being at one with the elements and having the freedom of movement that their motorcycle allows them. However, this “freedom” can come at a price, because a bike, of any description, does not afford a rider the protection experienced when travelling in a car, and motorcycle accident claims for compensation often have to be made by those who have suffered significant and life-changing injuries.

According to the Department for Transport’s Motorcycling Statistics report 2010, there were 5,554 motorcycle riders killed and seriously injured (KSI) in 2009 on UK roads. Of those, 94% were male.

The 2009 rate of killed and seriously injured motorcycle riders was 1,709 per billion vehicle miles ridden – for car users it was 30 KSI per billion vehicle miles. There were 140 deaths of motorcyclists per billion vehicle miles, whereas among car users there were just three deaths per billion vehicle miles.

Causes of motorcycle accidents and personal injuries are manifold, but in many instances car drivers fail to see motorbikes or to judge their accurate speed and path. In a high speed impact a motorcyclist stands a much greater chance of suffering life-altering injuries and if the accident was not their fault, they have a civil right to make a claim for losses.

Making a motorcycle accident claim with George Ide’s personal injury solicitors

The dedicated personal injury team at George Ide in Chichester can offer representation for injured motorcyclists throughout the UK. The solicitors, claims managers and legal executives all have wide-ranging experience of road traffic accident claims from whiplash to catastrophic injuries and amputation claims.

George Ide can help you recover costs for treatment and rehabilitation, and will ensure that independent, health-care trained case managers are on hand to advise and evaluate on the requisite needs both immediately and in the long-term.

Our personal injury solicitors will, wherever necessary, robustly represent you in order to achieve justice and maximum compensation and where a claim is successful, our investment advice team can help secure your financial future with timely financial guidance offering a bespoke solution to your individual requirements.

For more advice on making a motorcycle accident claim with George Ide’s personal injury solicitors in Chichester, please call our Lion House office on 01243 786 668. Alternatively, you can contact a motorbike accident claim lawyer direct by clicking through to the staff profile featured on this page.