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Personal injury solicitors for slip and trip claims

A slip or trip accident may sound innocuous enough, but if the personal injury suffered as a result of such an accident causes long-term or even permanent damage and the incident occurred as a result of another person’s or organisation’s negligence, it is your civil right to seek redress in the form of compensation. If you feel you have been injured through no fault of your own George Ide’s experienced team of personal injury solicitors and litigation executives can help.

Slips and trips and where they happen

Owners and managers of buildings and premises which are open to the public have a duty of care to visitors and are responsible for maintaining floor surfaces and traffic routes so that everyone using the building, including staff or workers, can travel throughout the property unhindered and in a safe manner.

Slip and trip accidents can happen anywhere, but in terms of compensable injuries if a person had no reasonable way of foreseeing that an accident would occur, their chances of receiving a damages payout is greatly enhanced.

For instance, if a cleaner in a supermarket mops a tiled floor and leaves the correct signage in place to notify staff and shoppers that the floor is slippery then it would be reasonable for the store owners to deny liability for anyone slipping on that particular wet floor.

However, if a worker is carrying a box down a corridor and they trip over a pile of files which have been left in the passageway they may have reasonable grounds to make a personal injury claim as they would not have able to foresee that the files would be an obstacle and hinder their progress along the corridor.

Slips and trips can happen anywhere, at anytime, and in many cases will not be compensable, but where liability can be proved an experienced personal injury solicitor will be able to seek maximum compensation on behalf of their client.

Personal injuries caused by slips and trips

In many instances slips and trips merely result in slight bruising and discomfort, but in the most severe cases, resultant falls can cause whiplash, spinal damage and even life-changing brain injury.

If a slip and trip victim has to spend time in hospital, and cannot work as a result of their injury, a personal injury solicitor would seek compensation for pain and suffering and loss of earnings. If the injuries caused are substantial, the compensation sum sought could include amounts for lost earnings, loss of future earnings, cost of treatment and rehabilitation, cost of ongoing care and future housing and care needs amongst other things.

George Ide’s personal injury solicitors in Chichester can help

If you have suffered a slip or trip accident, the dedicated personal injury team at George Ide can help you seek full and comprehensive compensation for your personal injuries.

We have many years of experience in this field and our team has a reputation for its tenacious and robust style of litigation when the situation requires it.

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