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What is the trip accidents legal proceeding?

Of those who contact us because they’ve had a trip accident, whether in the workplace, in a public place, or on the pavement, the first question asked is usually “what is the process for trip accidents legal proceedings?”

Trip accidents legal proceeding – cost-benefit

In order to begin a trip accidents legal proceeding with confidence, you must first address the question of whether there is likely to be any cost-benefit to legal action. After all, if you have sustained only minor injury and relatively little expense as a result of your injury, it is unlikely that it will be worth the time, energy, and expense of instructing a personal injury solicitor. George Ide can give you a realistic estimation of how much money your claim might be worth.

Can you prove that another party is liable?

Sadly even if you believe that another party is liable for your injury, there will be little point proceeding with a trip accident claim if this cannot be proven in law. For example, if you have tripped on a jutting paving stone on the public footpath, unless the local authority was already aware of this hazard, it is unlikely that you will be able to claim.

Did you report the accident?

It will help your trip accident legal proceedings if you reported the accident at the time of its occurrence or made another type of record. Evidence such as photographs, names and addresses of witnesses, and written details, might prove particularly helpful.

Do you have evidence of costs?

Your personal injury solicitor will want to see evidence of any costs you have incurred as a result of your slip injuries. For example, receipts and invoices for medical care and equipment can prove invaluable when looking to quantify the suitable level of compensation.

Personal injury specialists George Ide LLP

Whether you have suffered a trip accident in the workplace, in a supermarket, on the pavement, or while on holiday, if you have sustained injury, lost earnings, or paid medical expenses, you might be able to claim compensation.

For trip accidents legal proceeding advice that is clear and realistic, contact George Ide LLP in Chichester today.