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Has your child’s school caused your child a back injury

Has your child suffered a back injury as a result of conditions and pressures experienced in the school, college, or university classroom? If so, you might be entitled to claim compensation on his or her behalf, or, if they are over 18, they might be able to make a claim themselves.

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A modern malaise

Increasingly the youth of Britain, whether in Chichester, Havant, Portsmouth or elsewhere in Sussex or the UK are reliant on technology for their education.

However, recent studies have revealed that large numbers of children are experiencing back pain and back injury as a result of the use of computers, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices.

In fact, researches at Swansea University have claimed that more than two thirds of primary school children suffer from back and neck pain over the course of a year, and with educational establishments becoming more reliant on electronic resources for even basic teaching there are signs that the problem could grow.

“Modern lifestyles and the increase in technology are having detrimental effects on our children’s musculoskeletal health and, if not addressed in school and at home now, will have far reaching effects for our children, the future working generation and society. This is a health care time bomb,” said one of the researchers behind the study, a respected physiotherapist.

“It’s vital we instil good habits and provide resources so children can be comfortable, be able to concentrate, reach their full potential and work and play sport as they decide, and not be limited by preventable disability and a life in pain.”

However, it is not only classroom devices that are causing problems. In many cases the situation in the classroom is being compounded when children go home only to be confronted with more technology, whether it is laptops, tablets, smartphones, or games consoles.

Schools – their responsibility

In some ways nothing has changed. Schools still have a responsibility to the health and welfare of the nation’s children. However, it is in responding to emerging challenges that schools will be judged.

Can they ensure that pupils do not end up hunched over tablet screens suffering back injury? Furthermore, can they ensure that RSI type injuries do not become the norm as more and more developing bodies become keyboard reliant in the classroom?

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