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Military personnel could claim compensation for spinal injuries

Unlike most occupations, those working for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) often realise that their jobs carry a substantial amount of risk. While completing their usual day-to-day tasks, military personnel could be in danger of sustaining serious or fatal personal injuries during incidents involving explosives, enemy combatants, or a range of other causes.

Although this occupation is an extremely hazardous one, the MoD should strive to reasonably prevent personnel from experiencing harm. Otherwise, when an act of negligence results in an accident, those adversely affected might be entitled to claim compensation through a group of personal injury lawyers.

It has been reported that almost 6,000 individuals chose to pursue damages against the MoD between 2012 and 2014. Although the circumstances of their military accidents have not been disclosed, it seems that many could have sustained spinal cord injuries during these incidents.

Spinal injuries in the military

Although individuals will continue debating the ramifications of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts for decades, few will deny that these campaigns resulted in substantial human loss and long-term injuries. Illustrating this point, the results of a study – published in 2013 – showed that many American soldiers had sustained spinal cord damage during these wars.

For many sufferers, this type of personal injury can have serious, and potentially life-changing, consequences. Sometimes resulting in complete paralysis, those adversely affected might require round-the-clock care or rehabilitation in order to live an adequate quality of life.

The research, which was published in a medical journal, showed that approximately 11% of American personnel harmed during the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts suffered spinal injuries.

In addition, the authors of the study claimed that the number of soldiers sustaining this type of trauma was much higher than in previous conflicts – estimating that it was 10 times greater than the war in Vietnam.

It seems that more soldiers are being diagnosed with spinal injury in modern conflicts due to advances in medical technology. For example, whereas those injured in previous wars would have most likely succumbed to their injuries, doctors should now be able to help them recover. In fact, the researchers estimated that – after receiving treatment – only three percent of soldiers with spinal injuries lost their lives.

Although the research suggests that this type of trauma could be especially common amongst American service men and women, high numbers of British soldiers might also being diagnosed with spinal cord injuries.

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