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Spinal cord injury claim solicitors

After an accident which has had life-altering consequences there will be a whole host of emotional difficulties and practical issues which will require attention. After a spinal cord injury, which as left an accident victim in a state of paralysis, the future may seem hard to contemplate at all, for both the sufferer and his or her family, but the personal injury solicitors at George Ide can help and are on side to ensure that all aspects of a client’s physical, as well as financial well-being, are tended to and provided for.

Basics of spinal cord injury

The term spinal cord injury (SCI) refers exclusively to injury caused by trauma, not as a result of disease, and SCIs are common after fall from height accidents, road traffic accidents and in sports accidents.

The severity of effects caused by the SCI will be dependent upon where damage has occurred along the spinal cord and whether nerve roots are damaged. The damage will be diagnosed in various ratings – in an injury diagnosed as “complete” all function below the location of the damage is lost, in an “incomplete” injury, function may unaffected or partially affected below the injury site.

Spinal cord injuries have many classifications, but can be broadly divided into damage to three main areas of the spine:

George Ide can help you make a spinal injury compensation claim


It is a sad fact that many spinal cord injury accidents will result in life-changing consequences for the sufferer and when the personal injury solicitors at George Ide LLP are instructed to pursue a claim for compensation, their primary focus is always to achieve the best result for the client in terms of the most positive physical outcome as well as financial security.

From day one with George Ide, independent health-care trained case managers will liaise with the client and their family to achieve the most comprehensive knowledge of their situation and prospects.

George Ide’s solicitors are always on hand to advise and discuss the case with the client and family, and by achieving full understanding of the circumstances surrounding the spinal injury accident and the ongoing situation they are able to ensure that the at-fault party’s insurer releases interim funds for client treatment, rehabilitation and to cover costs of equipment and suitable living accommodation.

Partner Paul Fretwell leads the personal injury team in claims for spinal trauma. He prides himself on taking time to understand the impact a spinal cord injury is having on the life of the claimant and their loved ones, particularly in relation to alterations in their quality of life. Paul always acts with robust resolve to secure funds for rehabilitation and full support, so that claimants can quickly begin to rebuild their lives.

You can contact George Ide’s dedicated personal injury team today by clicking through to the staff profiles on this page. Alternatively, please call our offices in Chichester on 01243 786 668 – we are here to help.