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Bike accident news – Hampshire police’s Steer Clear campaign begins

04th October 2012

Signs have been put up along roads in Portsmouth, Gosport, and Fareham, which have been identified as the highest risk areas for cyclists.

Furthermore, leaflets have been printed detailing safety tips for bike riders, and offering discount vouchers which could help them purchase equipment such as high visibility jackets and lights.

Sergeant Darren Ord, who is managing the campaign, states, “Our message to cyclists is very simple – be safe and be seen.”

It is hoped that Steer Clear will reduce the number of road traffic accidents involving cyclists on UK roads, which has increased in the last few years.

In 2011, there were more bike riders hurt on highways in Hampshire than any other area outside the city of London, with 816 cycling accidents that year.

The Sergeant said, “We want to foster a culture of mutual respect between all road users to create a safer environment on the roads.

“Ultimately, we want to stop people getting hurt and reduce road casualties, and we are confident that this initiative will help us do just that.”

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