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Online app for parents seeking family law and separation advice

10th December 2012

As around 300,000 families undergo relationship breakdown annually in Britain, this means that a vast number of adults and children may not be availing themselves of the services and advice, on such issues as family law, maintenance, housing issues, etc, that they need.

The poll revealed that 39% of parents did not use any professional services, such as divorce solicitors, when they separated from a partner or spouse, and of these, 25% said this was because they simply could not find the help they required.

Where parents did seek professional advice and support, 27% said the information they received was conflicting.

In the light of these findings the DWP has now launched an online app, hosted by family sites such as Mumsnet, Dad.info, Gransnet, Relate, National Family Mediation, and Wikivorce, to help parents find all the advice they need in one place.

The app, entitled Sorting out Separation, offers a range of help topics including help to find a divorce solicitor, information on housing rights, avoiding conflict and much more.

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