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Accident at work in Welsh scrap metal yard

08th March 2013

Staff had been moving a three-and-a-half tonne single-decker bus, having salvaged parts from it, when the incident took place in December 2011.

In order to lift the bus into a low-loader truck so that it could be removed for crushing, employees began lifting the front of the vehicle using chains connected to an excavator – planning to then lift the rear and have the truck drive underneath so the bus could be lowered back down onto it.

However, as the front of the bus was lifted into the air, the vehicle swung to the side and struck the employee, pinning him up against a wall for a moment before it swung away again.

The impact caused the 49-year-old man to suffer a fractured pelvis and broken ribs.

A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation found that none of the employees had been suitably trained in using chains to lift scrap vehicles. Furthermore, the company should have prevented the man from standing in a location where he was at risk of being hit by the bus.

The scrap metal firm was fined £8,000 and ordered to pay court costs of £8,912.

No reports have been made to suggest that the worker has contacted a work accident solicitor, however, he is likely to be eligible to claim compensation for his injuries from his employers.

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