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Man may have received one of Scotland’s largest unfair dismissal payouts

26th March 2013

The employee has received £76,200 after being fired from his job due to gross misconduct in 2011. Reportedly, on some weekends, he and two colleagues were claiming they had worked for eight hours despite not actually being in the premises at the time.

However, the men believed they had been unfairly dismissed as, allegedly, there was an agreement in their contracts which allowed employees to receive a full day’s wage on weekends even if they had not worked for the full eight hours.

After being without a permanent job for two years, an employment tribunal ordered that the man should be paid the compensation, which also took into account how much money he should have earned if he was not dismissed.

It has been reported that the man’s colleagues have also been able to claim compensation – with one allegedly reaching an undisclosed settlement with his previous employer while the other has received more than £16,000.


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