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Radioactive peplum belt recalled

18th June 2013


It is thought that due to scrap metals being used in the stud manufacturing process in India and the far east, orphaned radioactive sources were melted down at the same time as the rest of the metal needed to assemble the belt, contaminating the final product.

Cobalt-60 was found in the metal studs. Cobalt-60 is a man-made radioactive isotope of cobalt, and although it has many useful functions, such as to detect flaws in metal or to treat inoperable blood vessel deformities and brain tumors, in this case the radioactivity could cause personal injury to those who have bought the item.

The report on this hazardous product states, “None of these belts are suitable for public use or possession.”

The retailer has launched a world-wide recall, having sold 49 of the belts across 14 countries. It is hoped that all the belts will be returned – if worn for more than 500 hours, an individual could apparently suffer personal injury from the accessory.

The product is now being held in a radioactive storage facility and the retailer is in contact with the relevant authorities to make sure that no more belts are sold, and those which have already been purchased are returned.

Due to the fact that the retailer has launched a product recall, it should not have any personal injury claims made against it, as long as the recall is undertaken effectively.

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