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Tinnitus claims

Many people think tinnitus is just a mild ringing in the ears, but anyone who suffers from a chronic form of the noise-related hearing damage will know of its debilitating effect on everyday life. Workers whose conditions of employment have caused them to suffer from the industrial injury may be able to make tinnitus claims for compensation and here at George Ide LLP we can help.

Though the causes of tinnitus are not fully understood, it commonly occurs when excessive noise levels damage delicate hearing mechanisms and leave a perception of sound where there is no corresponding external sound present. Tinnitus can occur suddenly, after an instance of acoustic shock perhaps, or over time such as after ten years of working in a noisy factory.

The symptom can be a ringing in the ears but also a whistling or rushing sound, or maybe even like the constant twittering of birds. Tinnitus occurs almost all of the time and even when the world around the sufferer is silent, they will still be hearing a constant perceived sound inside their head.

There are strict health and safety regulations surrounding the protection of workers’ hearing and any employer who does not take steps to manage noise levels, train their staff and protect them from noise-induced hearing loss may be held liable if an employee later suffers from tinnitus.

If you are affected by tinnitus which you believe has been caused as a result of your employment, the industrial injury solicitors at George Ide LLP in Chichester can help you make a claim for compensation.

We are sensitive to the problems and challenges you may be facing as a result of noise induced hearing damage and will do our utmost to make the whole process of claiming work injury compensation as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

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