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Failure to treat | Medical negligence solicitors at George Ide

When you visit a doctor, or are referred to a specialist at a hospital, you expect that the healthcare professional charged with your care will be able to diagnose your symptoms and treat you accordingly.

If, however, the doctor or consultant fails to treat you correctly or in a timely manner, according to medical best practice at the time, and your condition or injury worsens, causing you to suffer loss, you may be able to make a claim for damages with the help of the expert medical negligence solicitors at George Ide LLP.

Proving a medical negligence claim for failed, delayed or mismanaged treatment

In order to successfully prove the claim the client, with the help of their solicitor, will have to show that any other competent doctor or consultant would not have acted in the same way and that, had treatment been administered differently or in a more timely manner, it would have resulted in a more positive outcome for the patient.

Failed, delayed and mismanaged treatment can include, but is not limited to, the following:

Making a medical negligence claim with George Ide

If you believe that your treatment, or the treatment of someone you know, was mishandled and that subsequent failures led to deterioration in health or even death, then it may be possible that the solicitors at George Ide can help you receive compensation.

Here at George Ide, we are dedicated and committed to upholding the rights of people who have suffered illness or injury as a result of the actions, or inactions, of GPs and/or hospital staff and helping them to receive appropriate compensation for their harm.

We pride ourselves on being sensitive and approachable, yet we believe in using robust means to achieve maximum compensation for our clients and while we understand that no amount of money can make things right, a damages settlement can help to provide care, further treatment and rehabilitation for anyone who has suffered needlessly.

The team at George Ide is based in Chichester, West Sussex, but our medical negligence solicitors will happily assist clients from further afield – East Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey etc – and, in the past, we have helped clients from throughout the UK.

So, if you feel that you have suffered as a result of receiving incorrect or delayed treatment or those who were looking after you generally mishandled your care, then call George Ide today.

To find out more about our specialist medical negligence solicitors, please click through to the staff profiles on this page, where you will find direct contact details and information about their experience.