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Suffering sight problems following head injury

The effects of a brain injury on individuals can be traumatic and life-changing. However, people who suffer non-fault accidents, which result in damage to their brain, could claim compensation against the liable party to recoup lost earnings, pay medical bills, purchase specialist equipment, and generally improve the quality of their lives.

One type of injury for which individuals may be able to take legal action is visual problems related to head trauma.

Sight problems after brain injury

People who have sustained a head injury might have trouble controlling the movement of their eyes, blinking, experience blurry or double vision, and could even suffer blindness in a section of one or both of their eyes.

For example, some individuals might be diagnosed with hemianopia, quadrantopia, or scotoma. Hemianopia is loss of vision in either the right or left side of both eyes, quadrantopia is vision loss in one quarter of both eyes, and scotoma is the appearance of blind spots in various parts of the visual field.

These sight problems can seriously impact a person’s quality of life. Not only could watching a film or television, reading a book, or writing and typing become difficult and much less enjoyable, but making their way around their own home or town can become stressful and dangerous.

Objects and other people can go unnoticed, resulting in the head injury sufferer walking into them, or suffering a slip, trip, or fall.

Furthermore, they must inform the DVLA of their sight problems, which is likely to lead to their driving licence being revoked for safety reasons. This can make it difficult for the person to travel to work, to the shops, or to visit family and friends.

Claiming compensation for vision problems

If you have suffered a head injury which has resulted in problems with your sight, you could be eligible to claim compensation from the individual, group, company, or organisation liable for the accident which caused your brain trauma.

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