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Help to ensure full compensation for your passenger accident

It is very rare for passengers involved in road traffic accidents to be liable, even in part, for their personal injuries. As such, if you have suffered personal injury as a passenger in a car accident you should be able to claim full compensation.

Uninsured drivers

In the vast majority of car passenger accident claims, the insurance company of the at-fault driver will pay the appropriate amount of compensation. However, if that person was uninsured or an untraceable “hit and run” driver, a personal injury solicitor can help you claim through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau.

Claiming against a family member

It may sometimes seem difficult to claim compensation against a friend or family member’s insurance cover. However, the reality is that in many situations making such a claim may be an unavoidable reality.

It is worth remembering that claiming is your legal right and can usually be done without damaging your personal or familial relationship, particularly if you have a skilled and sensitive lawyer handling your claim.

Furthermore, it is very unlikely that your family member or friend will be left out-of-pocket as a direct result of your claim, although his or her negligent driving may result in a higher insurance premium or the loss of a no-claims bonus.

Pillion passenger claims

Exhilarating as travelling pillion may be, pillion passengers are a particularly vulnerable road user. If you have sustained injuries in a passenger accident while riding pillion, you can claim compensation against the insurance policy of the road user responsible for causing the incident.

Bus passenger accident claims

Buses may be, in statistical terms, one of the safest modes of road transport. However, it is relatively common for passengers to suffer mild injuries in bus accidents, whether they have been thrown forward as a result of sudden stopping, been thrown from a seat or slipped or tripped on a stair or slippery surface.

All bus companies have liability insurance policies in place to meet the needs of people who have been injured in the above circumstances.

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