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Wills and codicils

Although there is no legal requirement to make a will, doing so can help create peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out in the future. And while it is possible to create a will without professional guidance, instructing professional wills solicitors to perform this task will help ensure that the destination of financial legacies is both clear and legally enforceable.

As one of the country’s leading full-service legal firms, George Ide LLP provides a full wills, probate and grant administration service.

All our work is underpinned by the position that your will is as important as any document you produce in your life. Whether you wish to divide assets among family and friends, distribute your assets in a way that accounts for possible changes in family circumstances, set up assets preservation trust structures or state your funeral wishes, George Ide is committed to achieving your personal needs.

In addition to preparing the actual, document, George Ide also provides expert advice on inheritance and capital gains tax issues, nursing home costs, pension management and appointing a Power of Attorney.

Dying intestate or with an ambiguous will can compound trauma and loss for family and loved ones – it can also leave your estate open to unwanted claims. To make an alteration or to add an additional clause to an existing will, our codicils service can ensure that the document remains valid so that all wishes of the testator will be upheld after their death.

By having the right legal advice and a carefully drafted will, you can help preserve your assets and ensure your legacy, so that there is the best possible transition of wealth from one generation to the next.

To secure the smooth succession of your estate, speak to one of George Ide’s wills solicitors today by calling our offices. To find out more about our wills and probate solicitors please click on the featured staff profiles on this page.