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Family law firms witness happiest divorce

07th August 2012

However, the couple in question were splitting a reported fortune of £300 million – with the ex-wife having been a former Bosnian refugee and the husband now dating a super model – so maybe that made the pill slightly less bitter.

Roger Jenkins worked for ten years as a tax expert for Barclays Bank and his ex-wife, Diana, is now a successful business woman in her own right having developed a health-drinks brand.

The couple met while Diana was attending London’s City University having fled from Sarajevo in 1993. She had launched an investment fund which led her to meet her soon-to-be husband. They married in 1999 and have two children.

When they separated Mrs Jenkins made it known that the couple would not be rushing to the divorce court, yet in an interview with the Mail on Sunday in 2011, Mr Jenkins said, “Will she take half my money? Of course. And quite rightly so. Without her, I would not have anything like the success I have had.”

With news of the divorce now public a friend of the couple told the press, “They say they have the happiest divorce ever, and they do. Everybody’s super-happy. Diana is thrilled that Roger has found happiness with Elle [Macpherson]; we all thought she’d be cut up about it, but she’s delighted.

“She really likes Elle and wants Roger to be happy. He seems to be, and the relationship is very serious. Diana has been telling people that it’s great and she has a great settlement and she’s delighted.”

So, it would seem that family law firms and divorce solicitors up and down the country can heave a collective sigh of relief as high-value divorce obviously does not always need to be the mud-slinging, bitter war that it is so often portrayed to be. However, we are not yet convinced this couple are setting a precedent which is likely to become the norm.

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