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Family law news – Divorce solicitors warn against using Facebook as a weapon

09th January 2012

A recent survey conducted by divorce-online.co.uk suggests that divorce solicitors are increasingly hearing from clients that they were alerted to their partner’s transgressions by interactions which occurred on social networking sites.

The report states that, in 2011, 33 per cent of the 5,000 divorce cases they analysed contained references to Facebook – an increase of 13 per cent since the last survey conducted in 2009 – while a mere 20 cases referenced Twitter.

Commonly, petitioners cited their spouse’s inappropriate comments made to members of the opposite sex using Facebook as reason for relationship troubles, while others polled in the survey said that their ex-partners used profile walls as “weapons in their divorce battle”.

Divorce solicitors are warning those people undergoing a divorce to be careful how they use public social media as comments and threats made on Facebook, for example, are increasingly being used as evidence if a divorce hearing goes to the family court.

However, Fred Wolens, public policy manager for Facebook, has hit back, saying, “It’s ludicrous to suggest that Facebook leads to divorce and we would suggest that anyone who purports to have conducted surveys about the topic also ask respondents about other popular communications such as text messaging, chat sites, and email.”

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