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Family law news – IFLA ready and waiting

05th March 2012

Those involved in the project include the Centre for Child and Family Law Reform, the family law lawyers group Resolution, the Family Law Bar Association and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and the Family Law Bar Association.

In many ways the move is a direct response to the government’s proposed cuts to legal aid – the IFLA will help increase access to family law expertise, while also, it is hoped, improving efficiency and reducing contention.

Importantly, IFLA will be headed by specially trained experts and will provide both consistency and flexibility, with all arbitration panels conducted under its rules.

However, those looking to use the IFLA’s services may have to wait until 26 March when the scheme will receive its official launch.

The IFLA will deal with a wide range of family law matters, from divorce and separation disputes to family property and inheritance disputes, to matters related to child maintenance and contact orders.

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