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January could soon be pre-nup month of choice

16th January 2013

According to the CoE visitors to a website which promotes church wedding ceremonies have peaked in the month of January for the last three years. In 2012, the website received 78,405 visits during the first month of the year and this was the highest recorded level of traffic to the site in any single month.

Official figures have also shown that the number of church weddings has been steadily rising in recent years despite an overall decline in the number of marriages undergone by couples nationally.

In recent years, family lawyers have seen a spike of enquiries about divorce during the first week back at work after the festive break, and this has generally been attributed to the stresses and strains which the Christmas holiday puts on families.

While the 2011 census showed that married couples in the UK (45%) are now a minority for the first time in recorded history, the Church of England is celebrating the fact that many couples appear to want to get married in church after the Christmas celebrations.

A CoE spokesperson said, “Many people are thinking about love and commitment and their future.

“Following on from the joy of Christmas people seem to be in that sort of mood: it seems to boost the interest in commitment and happiness. Despite what the doom-mongers say, January seems to be the favoured month – new year, new future.”

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