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Operation Cranberry raised awareness of holiday domestic abuse

20th February 2013

Over Christmas and New Year a total of 982 incidents were reported – a rise of 378 from the same period in 2011.

However, of the calls made to police 219 were eventually recorded as crimes, which is actually four fewer than 2011.

Prior to the holiday season, which is recognised by family lawyers and relationship professionals as a very difficult time for couples in crisis, Sussex Police had been “actively campaigning” to raise awareness of the effects of domestic abuse in the area and “Operation Cranberry” was mounted between 21 December and 2 January to provide dedicated response to reports of domestic violence and harassment.

Detective Sergeant Hari Flanagan said, “The increase in incident reporting this year was particularly noticeable, and we think it may be due at least in part to the fact we have been actively campaigning to raise awareness of this issue and the support available to vulnerable people in dealing with it.”

Women’s groups and family lawyers in Chichester will hopefully be encouraged that people affected by domestic abuse are realising that they have the right to report an incident and that their complaints will be taken seriously.



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