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When a mother gives birth to a child she automatically receives parental responsibility rights (PR) for the child.

Some fathers will not have automatic parental responsibility and will have to apply for this in order to have equal rights in the child’s upbringing.

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Who gets parental responsibility?

If the parents are married when a birth is registered in England and Wales, or if the baby has been jointly adopted, both parents will have PR. This is not affected by divorce.

When the parents are unmarried, in order to have parental responsibility alongside the mother, the father must jointly register the birth with the mother (applicable from 1-12-2003). Alternatively, he can obtain a parental responsibility agreement with the mother or he must apply to the family court for a parental responsibility order.

For same-sex parents who are civil partners at the time of birth registration, both parents will have PR. When same-sex parents are not in a civil-partnership they will either have to apply to the court for PR or become civil-partners and then register the birth or make a joint PR agreement together.

What is parental responsibility?

The most important aspects of PR are for the parent to:



If you have parental responsibility for a child, but you do not live with them (residence), perhaps after going through a divorce for instance, you do not have an automatic right to contact, but the other parent must keep you informed about their progress and well-being.

Those with parental responsibility for a child are also responsible for:









It is worthy of note that, by law, parents must support their children whether they have parental responsibility or not. So, an unmarried father who does not live with the child can still be pursued for child maintenance even if he does not have contact with the child in any form.

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