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Matters of family law for same-sex couples

Whether you want to know about the law relating to same-sex marriage, civil partnerships, pre-nuptial agreements for same sex couples, or the law regarding same-sex parenting, George Ide LLP can advise you on the most up to date and current family law position regarding your situation.

It may seem incomprehensible, but same-sex partnerships only became legally recognised in 2005, with the enactment of the Civil Partnership Act 2004. Before then, same-sex couples did not have the same legal exemptions and benefits as heterosexual married couples and it was a long-fought-for right which many agreed was a basic human right of gay, lesbian and transgender couples.

Here at George Ide LLP our family lawyers pride themselves on keeping abreast with the most current statutory and jurisprudential positions in legislation on matters pertaining to same-sex relationships.

The law relating to children and same-sex couples is complex and for gay and lesbian couples who wish to adopt or are undergoing surrogacy, the advice of an experienced family lawyer is always recommended.

Some of the more complicated issues in law relate to:

How George Ide’s family lawyers in Chichester can help you

If you have concerns about how family law may affect you and your family, especially if you are in a same-sex relationship or are same-sex parents, please call George Ide’s family lawyers for advice and, if necessary, representation.

The law as it pertains to same-sex couples is changing rapidly and will almost certainly do so for some years to come. As more cases regarding co-parenting, same-sex adoption, civil-partnership dissolution and same-sex divorce are heard in the courts more guidance and interpretation will be gained.

George Ide’s lawyers pride themselves on their thorough knowledge and understanding of current legal precedents and how these may affect further cases for our clients.

To speak to a family lawyer in Chichester regarding same-sex relationships and co-parenting etc., please call our offices today. Alternatively, to find out more about our team please click through to our staff profiles as featured on this page.