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Family breakdown is undeniably a traumatic and emotionally difficult time for almost every couple who goes through it, and knowing where to turn for advice regarding children in divorce can seem problematic.

As divorce solicitors in Chichester, the family law team at George Ide LLP offers astute and pragmatic legal advice and representation on divorce, civil partnership dissolution, and the myriad legal matters arising from relationship breakdown.

When it comes to advising on the law relating to divorce our team’s advice is sensitive, expert and will allow you to weigh up your personal situation in terms of the legal choices you have, so that you may decide what is best for you.

We also understand that there are a number of exceptionally tough emotional situations which arise out of relationship breakdown and, via our website, we hope to offer some advice on ways to manage these difficult issues.

Time to tell the children

No matter what the age of your children, telling them that you are separating or getting a divorce is a tough thing to do. Below are a number of suggestions which may help to make the situation less stressful for your child. There is no hard and fast method for telling children, but you may wish to think about some of the following before broaching the subject of separation with your family.

These are just a few basic thoughts on some good ways to handle a very challenging situation, but if you are worried about telling your children there are many organisations that specialise in counselling and mediation for parents who need help in making arrangements for children on divorce.

George Ide divorce solicitors in Chichester

We have many years’ experience helping local people through this difficult and sometimes legally complex situation and have represented many clients in financial settlement claims, either as applicant or in defending a claim.

For more information on how the matrimonial team at George Ide LLP can help you during divorce please call our offices in Chichester or Bognor Regis, today.

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