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Family law advice | Financial settlements for unmarried couples with children

When an unmarried couple’s relationship ends the legal processes in place for making a financial settlement are substantively different to those in place for divorcing couples.

At present (Nov 2013) there are no foreseeable plans for legislation to be changed so that it offers better financial protection for cohabitees when a long-term relationship ends. Cohabitees currently have no claim against each other in respect of property rights and pension sharing.

However, unmarried partners can seek family law advice on making a financial claim for children under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989.

The Children Act allows the family Court to make financial orders in respect of the following:

The Court will make its ruling based on a number of factors including income and assets of the applicant parent and their financial needs and obligations for the foreseeable future.

Seek family law advice from George Ide LLP

Schedule 1 claims can be extremely complex due to the many factors which will need to be considered by the court.

The family team at George Ide can help you decide your best course of action in making an application to the court, or to help you seek alternative methods, such as mediation, to help you reach agreement on a suitable financial settlement for your children.

For more information please call the team in either our Chichester offices for expert family law advice specifically tailored to your personal situation.